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These Action Figures Are Officially Fierce.

The toy industry has been under fire for quite some time. Their ongoing marketing concept of gender-specific products has been argued to perpetuate sexism and be damaging to kids who might not relate to binary gender roles.
To challenge the industry in a bold and somewhat comical confrontation, Dutch photographer Sebastian Weyers decided to create a series putting popular action heroes in Barbie clothes. The juxtaposition of Barbie's hot pink, 'bling bling' wardrobe and the boy's club Americana superheroes traditionally represent makes for a pretty interesting mix.

I personally love the peek-a-boo detail on the front of Superman's dress. I see you, boy.

I'm 99% sure that I found a new cellphone wallpaper with this shot of Green Goblin. I'm LOVING those hot pink heels!

And this neon party dress really accentuates Spiderman's broad chest.

Not to be outdone, Hellboy holds things down for Dark Horse in his corset and bows.

And the only sin that Sin City's Yellow Bastard is committing is trying to match that hat with that strawberry skirt.

So what do you guys think of these outfits? Which action figure worked their look the best?

Let me know in the comments below, and to check out even more action heroes in heels, check out Sebastian's official Instagram for the project!
The green goblin was BORN FOR THIS MOMENT
Green goblin was the best. he knows how to work the camera. wurk!! 👠
They're perfect. Hellbiy killed it with his outfut with Spiderman taking second. I mean they're Barbie clothes even with they're costumes were on point. However Yellow Bastard and Green Goblin's outfit need a little work. Especially, Yellow Bastard's; his outfit was ill put together. Superman's outfit was neither good nor bad. it could be better, but at the same time he was still able to work it.
omo wtf😹😹
Work it ladies! Work it!! 😂
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