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Doesn't he look gorgeous!!!
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@katieloidlei imvery sorry to hear he can't join Heirs..:(
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@yinofyang yeah i already saw these pictures, he is so handsome i know..:) @ameliasantos10 oh its okay.. they have a world tour so i think its better for them or for him to concentrate on his love,MUSIC.. and i know theres a lot of opportunity waiting for him.. and as of now i'm counting down the days of their concert here in the philippines, and im soooo much excited.
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@katieloidlei wow hey! are you from the philippines? that's so great!!
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Yes @winterlovesong im from the philippines, how about you?
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when i see again yonghwa and Seohyun n we got merried i love them yongseo couple forever
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