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{Feel Good Fridays} Delicious anime food!

Food! Who doesn't love it?!

There is delicious anime food here but it's not exactly in Anime but rather inspired by an anime. Namely, Tokyo ghoul. Apparently a restaurant created dishes based on Tokyo ghoul! Awesome! :3
Delicious kaneki-kun pizza! Doesn't it look amazing?
Just look at that delicious assortment of food! We've got rice, salad, soup and of course meat!
Salad sticks in Jason's mask? Sounds legit!
Rabbit potato salad! Where's touka Chan at though?
Finger sandwiches from anteiku! Looks very good!
Chicken in tomato sauce based on binge Ester rize! I'm very hungry now
Yoriko's nikujaga! But unlike touka and kaneki we can actually eat it! Looks amazing!
Quinque kushi katsu skewers. A nice little meal! Let's hope mado isn't anywhere nearby!
Thanks for checking out my card! Check out all the mouthwatering delicacies! I'm famished myself. Let's see what other types of food people can find! Also I'm aware this isn't exactly one type of food but who cares! Tagging mod team @InVinsybll @tbell2 @danse @VoidX @hikaymm
I need to go to japan.
Sweet. I can totally relate to this. I did a card about anime and food a while back myself. :D Thanks for the share. It all looks really delicious. :D
@xDaisyDaysx right! Especially since I'm starvin right now
ur welcome people oh and the dead line is I believe on March 15th oh and you get to pick any day you go and it lasts for a week
All you have to do it follow @Viewster on Twitter and theirs a video on Twitter that tells you how to enter and theirs no age limit but if ur under 18 you have to have a legal gaudian or parent and you can enter the contest EVERYDAY but you can only submit and entry once a day to get picked so just keep coming up with ideas everyday but remember you can only enter once a day
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