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If you're like me than you love a good flannel shirt. Something about how warm, cozy and let me not forget to add -- stylish they happen to be makes me one happy woman. If you were to rummage around my closet, you would notice that a large percentage of my clothing happens to be flannel button downs.
I mean seriously, what's easier then throwing on an oversized shirt that will not only spice up your look, but also keep you nice and warm this winter. The great thing about flannel is that it is expensive -- and who doesn't love inexpensive? Keep scrolling to see just how fly you can be for a small fee.

Video: How To Style Flannel

How do you like to wear your flannel?

a.) around the waist
b.) tucked in your pants
c.) over a shirt
d.) under outerwear
Leave your answer below.
Yesss! Perfect combination :) @EasternShell
I mixing today:) Letting my natural hair do whatever. At the moment, I feel like a winner. Thanks!
That's a great strategy! I do the same thing. I am super obsessed with flannels @EasternShell and mixing prints is huge, so you're definitely not clashing. you're right on trend.
Yesssss...flannel over a tank top. I pick a tank from one of the colors in the shirt or mix a striped or polka dot tank under the plaid with same colors. I'm not afraid to clash. lol