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Hello my Vingle Nakama!!

Myself and the support team @hikaymm @danse @tylerdurso @voidx @tbell2 are pleased to announce a new event!

It's called (as you can probably tell by now)

Jump Ahead January!!

What exactly is Jump Ahead January?

For one, it's Vingle wide! Not just an anime thing! Across a smattering of communities will be this Jump Ahead January event from 1/17 - 1/22.
For two, it's like this; since January doesn’t really have an identity of it’s own (like February has Valentine’s and is kind like a month of love, or March with March Madness, or April with Easter etc etc) we could use this as a kind of look forward to the rest of 2016. Lots of awesome things are happening this year. We’re gonna see good anime releases, awesome new Marvel movies, plenty of new video games, all the major sporting events, and more.
We can kick off the (end of) the first month of the year by looking forward to all the awesome stuff 2016 has in store, and highlight all the things we're most excited for/anxious about/dreading, all of it!
Even though this is a Vingle-wide event, I think we here in the anime community can do it bigger and bolder than the rest! There's just so much awesome anime to squee over, and we're seeing a lot of new seasons coming, new anime, and new mangas.

So - what do?

Simple! Just write cards about what you're most excited about in 2016. Since we're doing new daily themes, you can write cards about what you're most excited about in each theme (if it fits).
Tag your cards with [JJ] in the title and I'll clip them all into this new collection!
EX: Excited for a new manga in 2016?, write about it on Manga Monday.
It doesn't have to line up that way, but it could be cool.

The important thing is just to share what you're stoked for in 2016.

I'm getting pretty stoked already.
Going to make a {JJ} card!
...already working on a JJ-card...
Also, you guys can check out the sports community Jump-Ahead January card here ----->
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