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[COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENT] Introducing... Jump Ahead January! [JJ]

Hi everybody!
My greetings and hugs to Lovebugs new and old!! I'm SO happy to announce that this week is a very special, exciting moment for us here in Love & Relationship... because we'll be one of the many communities participating in the Vingle-wide event, Jump Ahead January!
Here are the deetz:

The Goal of Jump Ahead January?

To look forward to all the awesome things to come in 2016!!!!


Well, it all started when the ingenious @InVinsybll proposed an idea he had been thinking about for some time. February is a lovey-dovey month, March is the beginning of Spring, April is the rainy one, etc... but weirdly, January doesn't really have its own identity. So the Vingle mods have decided to give it one of our own – January, the month of exciting new beginnings, and a time to jump ahead into all the excitement of the coming year! :D


Sunday, January 17 (TOMORROW!!) through Saturday, January 23!
So how are the Lovebugs celebrating Jump Ahead January, you ask? WITH A WHOLE BUNCH OF AWESOME EVENTS!!!!! :D
Every day will bring a new, fun event such as a community-wide comment challenge, movie trailers for 2016's romantic comedy lineup, and...drumroll please...

@AlloBaber's Birthday Party!!! :D

Yes, I am throwing a Vingle birthday party for myself. Hehehe. I'll be sharing some of my favorite things with you all, and even... dum dum dum... releasing some exclusive photos!! Oooo aahhhh :D (Maybe if you're lucky, even one of me and the boy! ;D)
BUT in the interest of being mysterious and exciting, the first event of the week, taking place TOMORROW, SUNDAY THE 17TH, will be the...

Events Calendar Release Party!!

It'll be your chance to discover all the fun things that'll be going on this week!! I plan on releasing the downloadable, @AlloBaber-designed calendar around 2pm PST! (that's 5pm EST... and um... not sure what time in Australian time... MAN I have Vingle friends in a lot of places!! 😅)

So be sure to stop by at some point tomorrow for the unveiling of this week's exciting calendar!!

If you have any suggestions for this week, or if you're just crazy excited (like I am!!!) please say so in the comments below! :D
And vote in this quick poll, just so I can get a feel for what you guys prefer... would you rather:
A. A fanfiction starring some of our top community members
B. An open Q&A on all things love, romance, hookups, and dating with moderator @AlloBaber
C. A Truth or Dare card creation game, where you have to either answer a question honestly or create a card on a mystery topic ^^
Looking forward to an awesome, fun week with you all!!! XOXO
Option D. Mermaid theme something fishy Option E. All of the above I pick option E
I pick C.
@AlloBaber actually saw that mermaid!!!
C. lol! I would LOVE to see C happen.
Hahaha @ChriSingularis did you see my shoutout to you in the community guidelines?? Hmm yes D is mermaid theme surprise and I suppose E can be all of the above gahaha
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