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Kim Hyun Joong, one of the most popular artists in the K-Pop movement, confirmed that be enrolled in the South Korean military as part of compulsory military service in that country. The representative of Kim Hyun Joong said the decision was difficult for the artist, as it is one of the highlights of his career. "Kim is planning to join the army in 2014. This decision was difficult because it has been working very hard this year to be a great artist, "said the representative was quoted by the portal Naver News. As recalled, in South Korea's mandatory military service for all males between 18 and 30 years, so that several figures of K-Pop have had to interrupt their tours to fulfill their duty. Recruitment takes 1 year each. TT_____TT :(
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I voted hehe
,.how sad,sign of respect for their country...
wow... i dol