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Ideal Anime Me!

So, I've seen these going around Vingle the past few days, and I could not wait to join in! This is something I have probably daydreamed about way more than is good for a 20 year old college student. So, without further ado, let me introduce 'Me' in all my awesomeness!
So, I am actually really happy with how I look now, so I'm gonna be boring and go with that. However, considering tall, slender, athletically built (muscular), very-short-haired blonde anime females are in rather short supply, here are some ideas:
Take the height from Cana Alberona, the tallest female in Fairy Tail. According to speculation, Erza is probably 5'7" and Cana looks to be about 2 inches taller than her, making Cana equal to my 5'9".
Take the musculature and body proportions from Korra (Yes, I know Avatar isn't usually considered an actual anime, given it was produced in America, but bear with me here) as she has the curves, muscles, and thigh broadness I do (yay for Cross Country), and add a little toning in the midsection from Mikasa Ackerman who has seriously kickass abs.
And finally
Please take the spiky blonde hair from Naruto (before he sheared it!). My hair is fairly tousled and lays about 2-3 inches away from my scalp, depending on how my wallet is feeling about going to the barber, so Naruto is a pretty good hair-substitute!
You could really just take a genderbend Jean Kirstein (AOT), and keep the hair as is. Either representation works pretty nicely!
So, again, some of you might take issue with this, as Avatar is not generally considered anime, but for as long as I can remember, I loved the idea of working with the traditional 4-5 elements. Elementals, Greek gods of fire and lightning and sea, you name it. So when I first saw Avatar 3 years ago, my jaw hit the floor. Oh My Gosh, there it is, my absolute favorite power of all time!! Elemental manipulation. So, yes, my dream abilities would be that I would have the power to work with the elements to throw them at enemies, create and make things with them, and become really proficient at martial arts in order to use those powers best. That would be AWESOME!
Oh boy, this is interesting. Well, I'd have to say that I would want to be in a Guild like Fairy Tail. The idea of being surrounded and working with all of these friends and family, having that support network and supporting in turn, and just going out and having a jolly old time on quests sounds absolutely fantastic to me! So guild hall (and land that supports guilds, like Fiore), here I come!
Wwwwweeeeellllllllllll, this is a very fun question. My catchphrase would probably be along the lines of: "Hahah, whoops!" or "Well, that didn't f******** go as planned" (probably a combination of the two), always said with a smile and laughter at whatever stupid or silly thing I had just done. Occasionally "Bitch Please, I'm Fabulous" and "BAKA!!" would make its way in there too.
Well, @InVinsybll, looks like we went companion hunting in the same place! My favorite animal has been a wolf for (again) as long as I can remember, and I think that being able to have one at my side would be amazing. My wolf would be able to communicate with me somehow, telepathy or talking, either works! I want to be able to know what they are thinking and feeling, and get opinions and ideas from them; they are my beloved companion and friend, I wanna know if they think I'm f****** up before we actually find out the hard way! (Think Kuro from Blue Exorcist, but a wolf, that would be ideal!). Something like the wolves of the Wolf Demon Tribe in InuYasha, or like Moro from Princess Mononoke would work as well.
So, thank you so much @InVinsybll, for making this challenge. I really enjoyed being able to think and plan all of these things, and actually get some of these thoughts on paper!! Thank you for reading, Miina!!
@NinjaMouse, glad you like it, its one of my favorites!!
@arnelli, thank you very much! im quite happy with it, though I may shore up the wording and phrasing of things a bit later :)
Haha, very cool!
I saw koga !!!!! (off of inuyasha!!!)
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