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Community Challenge: Ideal Anime Self

So I was tagged by @InVinSybll, @Tbell2 & @DavidPap. So here goes.

Body Type:

I was originally going to put Ichigo from Bleach here, but because I like to be original I'll put Demon Eye's Kyo aka. Kyoshiro Mibu from Demon Eye's Kyo!!! It's an awesome Anime and doesn't get talked about a lot. I decided to choose him because he's basicly the same as Ichigo. Medium build but cut and super lean. Honestly I'm built pretty much the same but not nearly as cut, so I'd have to work out quite a bit to achieve this.


Even though I have yet to watch Code Geass, from what I've heard and read the power of Geass that Lelouch vi Britannia has. Basicly having the power I've wished for since I was little, I always wanted the power of Perfect Persuasion.. I think this is pretty damn close.


I've always preferred Medieval style anime, so I decided to choose from another epic anime thats not talked about a whole lot. Record of Lodoss War!! This land and era just seems ideal to me, I just love the lifestyle and how all the things people deem fantasy exist here.


~ Charles Darwin It seems a bit dark, but so true.. Once you understand mankind then you no longer fear the fictional monsters of the world.


After much deliberation I decided on the Blue-Eyes White Dragon!! Yes, from Yu-Gi-Oh. :p Just seems like a bad ass mount for the setting I chose and I'd get to fly. ^_^
I do believe thats all of them. :) tell me what you think about my choices.
I love your caompannion and the power. lelouch is awesome
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