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I've never really been big into any Kpop girl groups except for 2NE1(queens) and Sistar(Hyolyn is bae) orange caramel but more and more I find myself constantly singing songs like Ice Cream Cake(I blame jhope and his beautiful dancing to this on weekly idol) , party-snsd , Kara-mama Mia (I blame young Ji for this one) ,I'm always singing Catallena(probably spelled it wrong but you know what I mean) but the two songs I cannot get out of my head lately are Twice-ooh ah and Minx- Love Shake!!! Seriously part of the reason is the station I listen to on iheartradio always plays love shake and twice ooh ahh I watched when it first came out and I try to tell my self I don't like it but somehow I end up listening to it everyday😂😂😂but love shake I simply can't shake out of my head it's sooo catchy
@baileykayleen lol me at first when I heard it I was like um this song is dumb and here I am can't stop singing it😂 and @jiggzy19 yes they are! I'm gonna have to listen to more of their songs
Minx are awesome!!! They totally need more love!!! <3
Love Shake! When I first heard/saw it on Inkigayo, my sister and I were like what the heck is this, so lame! Then watched the whole performance. Next episode, same reaction, watched the whole thing. After watching like 5 episodes in a row and sitting through every single performance of that song... Yeah I know the dance and a lot of the words... I love it haha.
😂😂😂 bigbang was my first kpop group and that brought me to Sistar and 2ne1. I want to say Sistar is my n as female group but tbh it's a tie between the 2.
@Jiyongixoxo DO IT!!!!!!! :D