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Confession: I don't think I can watch this drama
I can't obey the meme today. I started episode 4 of Remember. I wrote a card about it a few days ago and I was super excited as you may, well, remember... (@kpopandkimchi @chongx @ItsTaeHarris @jannatd93 @JamiMilsap @EmilioTrevino @LikeABird @KatieShiminski @drummergirl691 @IMNII @destiny1419 @JaxomB @tayunnie ) but I don't think I can do this
This was my exact face about 15 minutes into ep 4 and I felt the onset of an anxiety attack. I paused the drama, gave myself a pep talk, and pressed play. I got another 2 minutes in and I had to close my computer. I don't think I can emotionally handle the content. Of course I get that it will likely follow the typical k-drama format with the truth coming out in the end, but the stakes are high here. {spoilers} This is nothing like a little embezzlement (Hotel King), nothing like a deceased person being blamed for a crime (Pinocchio), not kidnapping (Master's Sun), but a guy getting away with rape and murder. As a past victim of assault it makes me physically ill, hence the anxiety. And he's not just getting away with it, but framing a poor person "because that's what happens when you have nothing" & it makes me want to rip my soul to pieces. How can people be so cruel. Yes, this is just a drama, but people like that actually exist. People use power and money to do horrible things and blame it on others and I just can't even. Sorry if this was too personal or something. And I do feel a little better getting it off my chest. Anyway I may continue this drama but it will take a long time because I don't want to be driven to drink. Ok. That's all the thoughts for now...
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@Kamiamon Yas! Lol I'm on my way to get food and once I get home I'm continuing the drama lol
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It's a tough drama to watch at times. I can't watch too much at once. I'm only on episode 7.
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@Kamiamon That's good! I'm glad you're able to get through it!! Of course, it's no problem! We're here for you! 😊❤❤❤❤❤
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There is a movie called Memories of Murder that made me feel exactly like this! I finished it because honestly, it was for a film class, but I was so uncomfortable the whole time.
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Love his acting !
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