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I swear this movie is so HARD TO FIND!! I've been wanting to watch this movie for like years but I can never seem to find it, and I hate that. This movie makes me cry like a little bitch I swear there is NO way for me not to cry when I seen it. I don't think I ever cried this bad lmao like I had swollen eyes and crap, It was worse than Harmony tears [emotional Korean movie]
What made it even more worse was that it was based on a true story. This movie is just so powering with suspense, anger, and emotion. Just thinking about this movie is making do research to find it, like I NEED to watch this again. Sad part is that I only seen it like 2 times and that unacceptable lol.
IF YOU have NEVER seen this movie, I HIGHLY recommend it. Especially if you LOVE suspenseful foreign true story type of movies with a hint of uncontrollable tears than this if for you. Also as you can see it stars Gong Yoo I love him~
@SabrinaSakura Yea it's really harsh to watch, I honestly didn't like the ending either. You're welcome I'm glad you liked it!
wow, I just finished watching the movie. I think this is my new favorite movie. I don't regret watching it all though some parts were harsh. I think more people need to see this, people could learn a lot. The ending wasn't so good; but because the case is still going, I guess that's why they couldn't give it a true ending. Thank You for sharing this movie! I saw it on this website --> http://www.dramanice.to/silenced/watch-silenced-episode-1-online
@SabrinaSakura You're welcome馃榿
@SabrinaSakura I seen it on drama fever but it's only for payed members unless you have premium credit to watch it if not Hulu has it and you can watch it for free but it has some advertisements in the middle. Just google "Korean movie silenced online" and it should pop up with the Hulu link
@SabrinaSakura It's about Gang-In (who is played by Gong Yoo) who became a new art teacher at a school for hearing impaired children. He later on finds out that they are being abused and sexually abused by the teachers who work there. He does whatever he can to help the kids get justice with the help of a friend who is a human rights activist.
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