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How to remove blackheads
I wonder if this actually works i found this in Snapchat might as well give it a try or has anyone done this before that can tell me if it worked anyone ???
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I've tried it and it doesn't work.
2 years ago·Reply
well at least its now good to know that it doesnt @meggie68
2 years ago·Reply
Never heard of this but wonder if it does work?!
2 years ago·Reply
it doesn't work because the stuff on your nose isn't blackheads- it's called sebaceous filaments and they exist to moisturize your skin. Nothing you do will make them go away unless you're planning on replacing your nose with silicon
2 years ago·Reply
use 1 tsp powdered gelatin and 3 tsp milk mix it microwave it for 10 seconds to warm it and apply to blackheads leave till its dry and peel upward it works so good! better than biore strips
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