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Please show your support by visiting the artist's website: [http://brianrood.deviantart.com/] Brian Rood is a freelance illustrator working throughout the entertainment industry from his studio based near the Motor City. His work can be found on merchandise ranging from Star Wars toy packaging to limited edition fine art prints for the X-Men film franchise. Brian’s fine art prints have been sold in galleries throughout the world and featured on television programming such as The Home Shopping Network. Brian has been painting both traditionally and digitally for the better part of the past 13 years. The pieces shown in this gallery are examples of his traditional artwork. He has established an impressive client list including Lucasfilm Ltd, Marvel Entertainment, Hasbro Toys, Paramount Pictures, Topps and Upperdeck trading cards, Harley Davidson, Ford Motor Company, EA games, Stern Pinball and dozens more. He successfully bridges the gap between fine art and commercial illustration to give each new project a very distinct and fresh look that helps to set it apart on the store shelves and gallery walls. To learn more about The Art of Brian Rood please check out his website at www.brianrood.com. Current Residence: Michigan www.brianrood.com
Whoa @shannonl5 these are beautiful 😭😭🙌🙌👌❤️lol these are really good thanks for sharing this beauty @YinofYang
@Marichel did you see these! Check out #5 ^_^
@miranpark88 Sighssss. No, I haven't seen it yet! We ended up doing a lot of work this weekend. I will definitely watch it though! Did you get to see it?! What did you think?
girlie! did you get to watch the movie????