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Body type: Gohan (adult) that stong muscular physique plus cool hair is a deffinite win. Just seeing it provikes the thought "Dayuuuum. That's cool." Would of gone for Gray from FT but Gohan's hair.
Power: Goku's powers/SSJ as it's dope as hell plus instant transmission would be useful as well as OP strength.
Scenery: The city as there will always be something to do there. People to meet, crime to solve, tournaments/fights to partake in (whilst setting handicaps of course or else they're to easy)
Catchphrase: "What a drag" like Shikamaru from Naruto because I could I can imagine having something pop up that I have to solve while having fun. Especially if it looks like it will be a "one punch" scenari. ;P And/or maybe "with a DON" like Tom from One Piece because it sounds cool and would get me hyped lol.
Companion: Soma Yukihira or Sanji because after a long day or just whenever. Having some awesomely delicous food to calm that Saiyan appetite would be best haha. Sanji could also fight or be a funny wingman too ;)
Saw a few people do this before so I thought I would as it seemed fun.
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I love your catch phrase XD
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@hikaymm Thanks. They've been my favourites ever since I watched the animes and they came up
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@AnimeDragon well, all great choices!!
2 years ago·Reply
@invinsybll will like this too!
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