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After what seemed like years, I finally get to go to your final class. I feel excited but for now I must contain the excitement. Briskly and obediently I turned down a new hallway to my new class. The usual dull, gray plaque hung on the door. On it read 'Class 5' in bold text. I've been waiting for this day since you heard of this room, the room where people are assigned to places. >2 years earlier "Y/n! Would you please consider this opportunity that could make your life much more interesting than ever!?" I turned to see Dr. Simepex, one of the newer scientists. He is like a close friend of mine in the social lab where I am interning at. I've only been at the lab for a few months but he's become one of my best friends. He knows that I really like kpop music and such. After finding out that he's from a Korean family, you convinced him to teach you Korean. Now, after numerous times of asking, I finally decided to accept his offer. To be part of a social experiment for kpop artists. I was unsure of how it would work, but I was excited for some reason. I decided to go during the next registration. >Later I told my parents that I'd be part of a safe, social experiment for a few years. They were fine with it since they knew I am studying this type of stuff. My parents had to sign a form at the registration saying that they are fine with it. The lab payed for me to enter the experiment. After a week, the company sent a letter confirming my place in the experiment and other information. I knew I wouldn't be back for a year, or possibly more, or never. I said my goodbyes to my parents and sister and Dr. Simepex. I walked through the gray doors that will seal my fate. >Experiment Training First off, me and 19 other participants were bussed to another facility in a bus with blacked out windows. There was a man in a suit that told us about the 5 classes, and at the end of each class, people will be pulled out of the experiment if seen unfit and sent back. We'll be given medicine to make us forget our actual selves, like our names and family. And after we are cut out we are given similar medicine so that after the experiment we won't remember what happened. Many of the others were scared, but I was excited to see what would happen. At the facility we were given the medicine to make us forget our families. For the last time, I thought of my family and my friends. I obediently took the blood red pill. The next few minutes were a blur to me. We were taken through gray doors after gray doors and were sat down in orderly seats. After the pill had taken everything we got the run down of everything. The 5 class levels; 1) obedience 2) life skills 3) multi language classes 4) adaption to new environments 5) living with the assigned group. Only 3 people or less end in 5. One at a time, each one of us were given a number, each number meaning something to our group that we would be assigned to. Each person that passes to class 5 is assigned to a group of celebrity that needs help or their company requests someone. Each person was given a set of clothes and a vest with our new number. The clothes were grayscale clothes, mixes of black, white, and grays. Mine was simple black leggings, a white t-shirt, and the same black boots like everyone else's. (First picture) My black vest had the white numbers and letters No. 13612. More people in neat black suits came in to show us our rooms. Hall after hall, like a maze, each with dull light gray walls. Each person got their own room, more like a cell actually. A short bed with gray sheets was pushed against the far wall. A black table and metal folding chair was on the right side with a tiny lamp. On the other side is a rack with more outfits like the ones we were given. For the next year, every day was the same. Wake up, eat our meal, go to class, eat lunch, class, exercise, eat, work, free time, eat, shower, sleep. No one really talked to anyone else except the commanders. We were obedient to the rules since punishment was a medicine that shows you mental hell. Why were we like this if we were to be sent to a celebrity group? No one knows really. Nothing ever changed except the days where they announced who was being cut every few weeks. Or what seemed like weeks since there were almost no clocks. On the final days, they did the usual announcements of who was being cut. All 6 of us that were left were scarred. Other times, people have wanted to be cut so they could forget this place and get their memories back. Yes, they told us everything, like when we are sent to our group, the facility will be forgotten. The commander stood in the same place as always. "The numbers that will be leaving today are," for some reason he was different, maybe this is hard for him. But he continued. "Number 13576!" No. 13576 stood up and obediently walked to the medicine room to be taken back. But in his eyes there were tears. "Number 75294!, Number 43651!" Me and the other 2 who were not cut were filled with relief. We were told the place of class 5. >Present Day< We sat in the front row together and looked at the commander. This time it was a woman, and she had the same black suit as the other female commanders, but she was smiling, something no one did. She gave us new outfits that were different colors than black, gray, or white. She said that we are going to learn to adapt to our group and learn about them. 3 more commanders came in and you could obviously tell they were hiding excitement. One of them held familiar boxes that contain pills. The other commander held new vests in different colors to match our new outfits. The third held 3 colorful books which also matched our outfits. We were allowed to change in the back into our new outfits. Mine had a black and red striped shirt, black jeans, and red converse. (Second picture) After we sat back down, the commander said that we would get our names back. I had forgotten that they had taken our names. The commander that was holding them gave out each metal name tag with our names on them. The usual gray but the name was in a different color to match our colors. Y/N... A memory popped up in my mind, that happened sometimes. Usually it was like going to a cafe or work. This time was different, the memory was from a band, Korean probably. What was the name? It was 3 letters, english letters. Suddenly the memory was gone. The commander with the books handed them out. On the front was a picture of 7 attractive men. In bold letters said BTS. This is the memory that you had. The commanders said they would help you learn about them, the basics like their names and the area they are in. >A week later< I now knew a lot about this group, their names, songs, awards, and the general area they are located in. The rest I'm going to have to learn from them. They gave us a different pill, different from the red pills we take to make sure memories don't arise. Blue this time. Taking it made us forget the facility and made us remember things about ourselves. Things like our favorite foods and likes and dislikes. We were given a small bag with more sets of clothes, necessities, and an information card for the group so we don't get taken away by security. Today is the day. I said goodbye to the other two and boarded the private plane to Korea. Off to meet BTS.
Hello, this is my first fanfic! In this series I'm not planning on having any smut. Something I'm considering is that after a certain point there will be different stories for each member. Similar evens like a tour or something but different response. Ah, well, that's for the future. Stories will be published first here>
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