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Hi everyone~ as you can see, it's time for the next round of "Name That Drama". So the last card was made by [@Lina1171] and the drama she chose was Warrior Beak Dong-soo. it was a historical drama at that, so it's having a bit of a theme in this card. ^^ So as some of you may know, the rules are simple. The first person to guess correctly as to what drama it is gets to make the next card/round of the game. Who's ready to get started!!?
HINTS: • It's almost historical. • Jajjangmyun plays a rather important role in this drama. • The main actor is associated with numbers. • It is the second version in which the original had My Lovely Sam Soon on tv • Royalty Here are some more pictures.
*My Apologies if this ends up being kinda hard*
I know this one omg Park Shin Hye and the Se7en hints gave it away lol I started this drama and never finished it! (Goong S)
@biancadanica98 it came out after goong lol. it's not an easy watch tbh. like I picked it up, watched the first ep, then dropped it. years later I attempted to pick it up again.... nope I dropped it. and now I'm not gonna pick it up cause I'd have ti watch it all over.
@jenxchan @JamiMilsap lol I know it's only because my sister and I were talking like yesterday about how many dramas we started but dropped and this was one of them lol
@seouls well that was fast 😂😂😂 congrats!!! surprisingly many people actually haven't seen this drama before
@IMNII it get dark lol like melodramas should be !
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