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Found a makeup artist tweet these brushes as a must have in your makeup stache. These brushes seems like my daily routine except for that eyeliner brush, for some reason I hate them curved.
I would definitely have had to include a fan brush. Not gonna lie, I discovered this brush perhaps 3 months ago. I was intrigued to try it so decided to buy en ebay one for like $2. Im the type of girl who won't buy an expensive brand till I know its my money worth and I love the product. so far this brush is my go to when it comes to applying bronzer or blush.
I'd love to hear about your favorite brushes from all of you @marshalledgar @jordanhamilton @tessStevens
@marshalledgar great advice! yes I'd love to be part of the before and after!!!!
thanks for the tag! I regret to inform you that I don't have a favorite brush because I don't actually wear makeup. while it is true, my eye brows have been worked, the unibrow from 100 years ago was permanently removed. I just wish I hadn't had so many hairs removed! 😭😭😭😭 that's just one of the reasons for my cosmetic surgeries that take place next Friday! 😀😁😆 I'm going to share a card about the surgeries, before and after and the healing process. plus what I paid, how I found my dr....etc. my biggest advice for makeup lovers is this: makeup is pricey as it is; don't waste it by applying it to your face with the wrong tools. invest in good brushes!