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i have always wondered how other armys have decided who their bias was. for me, when i first found bts, i came across i need u playing on pops in seoul on arirang tv and i liked it. rap mon was the guy that first brought me in since his scene at the gas station was really cool and i liked the sound of his rap. since i was interested, i watched another video which happened to be just one day (which is obviously my favorite bts song of all time ♡) and hobie really caught my attention because of his "party, party" (im not sure if they say that, but it sounds like it cx ) part and his rap "24 hours..."
but then i watched this live version and i found my bias. as soon as the camera man turned left and i landed my eyes on jin (1:10 & 3:00), it was all over. they way he was singing and his voice really caught my attention. as well as his handsome features. (don't even get me started cx) that's how i found my bts bias! how'd you find yours? leave your story in the comments or make a card and tag me in it!
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@seouls I totally agree with you. For me, I think all of Bangtan are my bias I can't pick one I absolutely love like I did Key, I love all the boys. I love all of SHINee too but I focus on dancers and Key was the one that grabbed me...but for BTS all the members grab me
I fell in love with jimins voice long before I saw him, then I was looking through pictures and said "dang that one is the best looking" I had no clue that the voice and the fine face went together, it was a VERY HAPPY surprise to me!! he has been my UB for almost 2 years now !
2014 when I got into Kpop....First video of them I had seen was No More Dream....Jimin has been my UB every since then!
jongkook 😭😭😭
It was hard, because everyone had their own charm and personality that I really liked. Then I found out I'm only a year older than Jin while Jung Kook was younger than my baby sister. I didn't want to be the creepy noona, but I kept gravitating towards J-Hope. I love his dance, rap skills and even how silly he is. What truly won me over was his singing voice. (and maybe the fact his stage name is similar to my mom's in Spanish. ) I'm still real new to Kpop in general, so I'm still learning their songs and Pandora only plays so many. Rap Monster and V are a close second for their own reasons along with everyone else.