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i have always wondered how other armys have decided who their bias was. for me, when i first found bts, i came across i need u playing on pops in seoul on arirang tv and i liked it. rap mon was the guy that first brought me in since his scene at the gas station was really cool and i liked the sound of his rap. since i was interested, i watched another video which happened to be just one day (which is obviously my favorite bts song of all time ♡) and hobie really caught my attention because of his "party, party" (im not sure if they say that, but it sounds like it cx ) part and his rap "24 hours..."
but then i watched this live version and i found my bias. as soon as the camera man turned left and i landed my eyes on jin (1:10 & 3:00), it was all over. they way he was singing and his voice really caught my attention. as well as his handsome features. (don't even get me started cx) that's how i found my bts bias! how'd you find yours? leave your story in the comments or make a card and tag me in it!
homestly, can someone TRULY have a bias in BTS?????
I think the War of Hormones video helped me pick my bias...I saw Jimin's ass and I knew.....He was my ultimate bias (of course I was more sure about when I watched cute videos of him and listened to his amazing voice)
😂😂 with Bts you really don't choose a bias , like I've liked namjoon before getting into the group but I love them all so basically they are all my bias
I didn't determine a bias for BTS I love them all!! When I start to choose just one another pops up and spikes my interest. I think it is almost near to impossible
@seouls I totally agree with you. For me, I think all of Bangtan are my bias I can't pick one I absolutely love like I did Key, I love all the boys. I love all of SHINee too but I focus on dancers and Key was the one that grabbed me...but for BTS all the members grab me
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