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I think about music a lot.

Music is a constant for me; I know a handful of musicians in my personal life and music in general is something I need in my regular life. I sing a lot. Out of key.
I listen to music every day. I couldn't get through a day of work without it, or commutes, or just those times where there's nothing else around to fill the void. I've always loved music, though I've never been able to play a damn thing.
I consider myself pretty open musically, in that I love new sounds and though I mightn't love it, I'll still give it an honest chance. If someone sends me music to listen to, I do at least that much.
I was ribbing my friend the other day about still being so hooked on the same band she'd been hooked on in high school - nearly a decade ago now. I joked about her having not evolved from that person. She didn't take offense. It just rolled off of her.
She said "Nah, I have. So did their sound.".
As much as I wanted to keep joking on her, the John Green-esque thought held water. The band she loved nearly a decade ago is still a band today. I held her to the concept of change but somehow exempted these other people.

It all reminded me about how much I loved Say Anything.

I honestly don't know if I've written much about my love for Say Anything on Vingle, but for real, I love them.
I've loved them since roughly 2007, and I've never stopped. My second tattoo was a Say Anything lyric. It's from Spidersong, for those who know Spidersong.
I jumped to give my friend flack about her old fave dropping a new album but I forgot to consider how my fave did it not all that long ago. Say Anything's last album, Hebrews, came out in 2014 I downloaded it online, and I also bought it.
I geeked out over their new release then, the same way I'd done for In Defense of the Genre, for the self titled, and for Anarchy my Dear. Every time I get to hear their sound it's a good time.
What I'd forgotten in my dicking around was the way Say Anything has changed their sound, changed their lineup even, in the time since I first became a fan. I will always think of Is a Real Boy... as my favorite album of theirs, but that's not to say I haven't loved a lot of what came before/after.
Seriously, at least listen to 'This is Why' and 'No Soul' off of In Defense of the Genre if you need to see that Is A Real Boy wasn't the only good album. I also personally loved the self-titled as a new advance in aesthetic and sound for the band. Peace Out and Overbiter from Anarchy, My Dear, were also personal faves.

Bottom line is this: Say Anything has some fuckin' jams, dude.

I only briefly dwelled upon Hebrews. Honestly, it was my least favorite album from Say Anything. It took weird directions, it was heavy in features but lacking in sincerity, it was not the album we wanted it to be.
Honestly though, in my recollection now (in the beginning of 2016) I still really liked a few of the tracks off of that album. Six Six Six, Judas, Hebrews, and Nibble Nibble were all songs I personally enjoyed a whole bunch. At the time maybe not so much, but with some time and consideration of the person I've become, they grew into favorites.
It's weird to me to get this kind of perspective out of an off-the-cuff response to a stupid joke, but hey, Friday's, right?