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Body Type: Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul) The main reason I chose this body type is because I believe Kaneki has great agility and it would be perfect for the power I chose. Not only that, but his body is also half ghoul, which would contribute as an EXTRA ability or bonus.
Power: Branch Of Sin (Deadman Wonderland) I just love anime with blood manipulation, and Deadman Wonderland introduced me to that. Unlike the normal Branches of Sin that limit you to one ability (Example: Crow can only use his blood to create blades, Ganta can only create projectiles like bullets, and Mina can only use hers as whips) I want my Branch to be complete total blood manipulation, to be able to create any weapon I could imagine. From long range artillery to close combat meele weapons, to even creating a shield or armor.
Setting: Hellsalem's Lot (Blood Blockade Battlefront) Those who have already seen Blood Blockade Battlefront (or Kekkai Sensen) can understand why I picked this setting and how my character could fit in perfectly. Hey, I might even join Libra!
Catchphrase: "Judgement - Execution!" (Adam Blade - Needless) This one was a tricky one, but I decided to pick up a phrase that could be said right after finishing every opponent. Needless to say, Adam Blade's "Judgement - Execution!" or "Judgement - Death Penalty!" was the first thing to come to mind.
Companion: Ragnarok (Soul Eater) Thats right, to make things better (or worst) my companion would be no other than Ragnarok. Why? Because not only will he be granting me the Black Blood as we share the same body (given I have total control over my blood, and he becomes part of my blood, I have total control over him) He would be great for double attacks and guarding my back as the unsuspecting poor souls walk into a trap as they sneak behind my back thinking they got me slippin'. Challenge by @InVinsybll