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OMG!!! you made me spit out my drink, hahhahahahhahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i thought you knew???? hahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!
5 years ago·Reply
just letting you know but umm, he's not into girls.....i know, we dont stand a chance, so sadddd....
5 years ago·Reply
@cheerfulcallie WHATTTT omg i had no clue! thats so sad i had big hopes for us getting married lmao :(
5 years ago·Reply
me tooo.....if not marriage at least a one night stand, lolz....well i googled him and there are pics of him and his ex bf kissing.....and thats when i heard my heart shattered into a million of pieces....yep, took me forever to glue back together but its whole again, lolz....
5 years ago·Reply
holy..................that look and i ead this convo and my heart just broke..... : ((((((((((
5 years ago·Reply