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A fanfic with no other than Mr. TOP! ❤❤ Please enjoy another of my mini novelas while I keep working on my main BigBang fanfic (which should be good to go by next month! ) If you missed GD's fanfic then check it out! Link -> Enjoy
"Huh, I wonder if they think I'm weird for taking a selfie with a statue," you mumble to yourself with a curious expression when spotting a few people looking at you strangely at the entrance of the Legion of Honor modern art museum. "It's San Fran people, get with the no judge vibe." The amount of visits you'd pay the museum was lost over the years. There was always something new every time you went, so it kept you interested and even motivated to complete your own artwork. The atmosphere in the museum has a cool, ancient scent, allowing you to relax and take your time looking at each individual project. Once a selfie with a suit of armor was captured in your phone, you notice a tall man enter the room to observe a wooden chair project. His pants were black, his shirt was red and back stripped, complimented by a black blazer, and his hair was even well trimmed. "Why does he look so nice? It's only Tuesday," you whisper softly then end up checking your own clothing in the reflection of the metallic knight armor.
Your jeans were spotted with different colors of paint, your converse still looked new to your surprise, but the white camisole made you rethink your fashion taste when comparing it to the dark blue cardigan that kept you warm. "So what if I use different hues?" you try to defend your harsh mental judgement. You pivot around to leave the room but accidentally bump into the nice looking man standing behind you, you look up to apologize but quickly find yourself at a loss for words when you realize it was TOP. "I'm sorry!" you say in Korean and bow, remembering the manners you picked from the endless hours of Korean dramas you sit through. "Sorry, " he says in English with a heavy accent and bows too. You move around him and continue out, struggling to contain the acceleration of your heart beat.
<<Didn't he just get out of the military? Why is he here?>> You think, then face palm. <<Duh! he's hella into art! C'mon girl, that's your bias you're thinking of!>> You suddenly stop and run a hand through your hair. <<That was your fudging bias and all you did was apologize without saying anything else?! Idiot! That was a once in a life time opportunity? Ugh!>> You take a deep breath to exhale all your frustration and continue into another art filled room. "He's probably on a short vacation before going back to work with BigBang," you sigh in disappointment and stare into a canvas by Henri Matisse, allowing your inner artist to endorse in the posture and color palates. "Excuse me, miss? Do you speak Korean?" a deep voice snaps you back into colorless reality. "Yes, how may I help you?" you reply in the fluent Korean language that you had spent years teaching yourself in order to understand your foreign love. You turn your head from the canvas, to the speaker and feel the color drain from your face. "I didn't expect to to find another Korean speaker so easily. Can you translate something for me?" TOP asked with a shy smile and a pale rosy color in his cheeks. You smile back, bigger and brighter than you expected, "Of course, what is it?" He gives you a small booklet that explained every art piece in the museum. You scan the booklet to refresh your memory about what it said then give it back and motion him to follow you as you move around the room. You explain the pieces he points to in his native tongue, even throwing in random facts you knew about the artist or compare them to another piece. He smiled like a dork when you became enthusiastic with certain pieces or when you critiqued the art to suit your own style, but enjoying the tour of the museum that you were giving him. "I take it you're either an artist or you've been here a lot," he said with a light chuckle. "Both," you laugh, feeling the warm sunshine on your face when you two stepped outside. "Are there any other places like this in San Francisco?" "Mmm, maybe not as fancy but the art is definitely out there, I could show you around if you'd like," you say before processing what came out of your mouth. He grinned, "I would like that." You take him through Union Square, a couple of parks, and Chinatown, where you end up handing him a bunch of food samples to try. Then you hop on on a trolley and explain to him some of the local historical landmarks whenever the trolley would pass by. As soon as you arrive to Pier 39, you tug him to Ghirardelli square and buy him some ice cream, insisting that he'd love it. He receives the ice cream cone and slowly licks it, you watch carefully as his eyes pop out of his head with instant pleasure and takes another lick. "Good, I know," you giggle. "The chocolate and candy here is really famous throughout California and the rest of the states. So basking in the ice cream here is definitely a must do." He gives you a boyish grin and nods, then follows you closely as you make your way out of the store and down Fisherman's Wharf to the end of the pier. You take a seat on one of the benches to finish your own cone.
"I've spent all this time with you but I never got your name," TOP asks when he takes the seat besides you. "Y/N," you blush and bow. "Nice to meet you, I'm Choi Seung-hyun," he bows back. You smile politely then pull your knees up and wrap your arms around them, and stare at the amazing view of the Golden Gate Bridge that the pier offers. "Penny for your thoughts?" he spoke softly, observing you in awe like a painting. You sigh heavily and run a hand through your hair, letting go of your thoughts as you stretch out your legs again, "I feel the need to confess to you that I know who you are." His brows furrow in confusion, "What do you mean?" "You're TOP oppa from BigBang," you lean in and whisper quietly to him to avoid someone else hearing. He blushes and smiles shyly, "I see, so you're a VIP?" You nod slowly then finish your cone with a final bite. "How come you didn't say anything back at the museum?" he leaned in too, so close that your nose began to get kissed by his mouth-watering cologne "Because I figured you were on vacation and I didn't want to spoil your experience," you confess, even though the truth was that he had taken you by such a surprise that you didn't have time to react like the fangirl you are. "You're too kind. You've shown me around the city, you've made me try some bizarre foods, and you even bought me ice cream. I think you've made this experiences better than what I had originally planned it to be," he smiled at you, exposing his perfect dimples and cause the color to rise to your cheeks. "Your heart is bigger than that heart statue over there," he teased. "Is that so? Well then I'm glad San Fran has a great medical clinic that I can go to and get my oversized heart check out, because I think that's a little too hazardous," you tease back with a smirk, making him laugh so hard, he had to hug his stomach. "Let's take a picture with it," he grinned, grabbing your hand and pulling you to the heart statue.
You take a couple of selfies then give both of your phones to an older woman who had offered to take the pictures. You step down to let him have the spotlight but he pulled you back into view and wrapped his arms around your waist, forcing you to be in every photo until you loosen up and contributed to making silly faces with him. "Such a cute couple," the woman who took your picture complimented with a heart warming smile when she returned the phones. You blush and try to explain to her than you're not together with him but get interrupted by TOP bowing and thanking her for the compliment. You bite your tongue to stop any forming words then smile and thank her as well. "Can we go back to the chocolate store? I would like to buy some presents to take back home to my friends and family tomorrow," TOP grinned like a child. Your heart sank at his words of returning home but with a forced a smile and you nod. <<Of course he has to go home, what did you think he'd do? Stay here with you forever? It's TOP for goodness sake! His life is busier than a bee in the spring!>> "Can you help me?" TOP interrupted your thoughts by handing you a basket to hold. "Of course, lead on," you reply and follow him around the store as he loads the basket full of sweets. By the end, there was four full baskets of sweets, and since it was TOP you were dealing with, he had taken a 'little bit' of EVERYTHING in the store. "Are those chocolate roses?" he pointed to the display case. "Yes, I bought one for myself one time, it was absolutely delicious," you smile. "I would like to get some but I think I'm at my limit," he chuckled. "I'll mail them to you one day when you run out of sweets," you join in on the laughter. He nods approvingly then begins to pay for the chocolate as the store manager announces their closing time. You offer to walk him back to the hotel to help carry the bags but he only lets you carry one while he carried three. TOP begins to talk to you about his time in the military and the goals he has for his music career, leaving you in awe at how much he has grown to trust you with all these things I'm a short matter of time. You put up with the weight of the bag and take the long way back to the hotel, allowing yourself more time to appreciate the final moments you had being with him. "Well, it was nice meeting you, oppa," you bow to him at the entrance of the hotel and set down the bag. "How about joining me for dinner? To thank you for being so kind to me," he smiled warmly. "No no, it's okay. I have to catch a trolley back to my place and it's already dark so I have to be quick," you lie, not wanting to break your own heart with the truth of never seeing him again. Tears began to weld up, "Thank you, and good luck with everything, I'm your biggest fan," you confess and hurry away, fighting back the tears. "Wait! Y/N!" TOP called out.......
And that's it for part 1! I'll be posting the finale by Wednesday so please stay tuned for some feels! Er- I mean, an ending! Tag anyone who you think would like this, ex. your cat! Thanks to all who read and have supported my work thus far! Please take care of me in the future!!
please tag me when you post part 2. X) It's so hard to find good fanfics. I absolutely loved yours!
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awesome adventure. so frickin good. on to the finale
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