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As Big Bang Community Moderator & Supporters Squad Team. We take our job very ↝↝seriously↜↜we had endless meeting and work very hard on the events.
Here is the screen shot on how ↝orderly & Responsibly↜ we are.....(oh did that show up here).....(=_=)
Due to the time difference, many of us have to stay up late.
And work throughout the day
As our meeting always went very ↝seriously↜
Thank to our Maknae @catchyacrayon to always cheer us up.
Our DaeNugget @Kwonofakind to keep us orderly.
Our Ji Ji @Jiyongleo always show us many ↠incredible↞ pictures, that keep us awake.
Our Samurai @Helixx always take down note and recap for us
By the end of the meeting, we always had great achievement. (You know who they listen to)
↝Here is the treat from my collection↜ Thank you all for the support and My wonderful Squad Team!!
hot damn the T.o.P booty
I'm a huge fan of your 'hard' work. You've made Vingle 200% more community. ♥
So true, so true.
really appreciate all the hard work the squad does for us!!! thank u!!! 💟💟👏👏✌
I really appreciate everything yall do for our community @kwonofakind @helixx @catchyacrayon @lovetopia @JiyongLeo thank you for all your hard work
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