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An amazing story of the children who were left behind in the world. Went through struggles, life was so unfair and they had to deal with it without any say in the matter. Well being sent into the undead "afterlife" they are given this chance to live normal, or I should say not so normal lives. They start remembering all the unfair things about their lives and reasons why they hated their God. After the newcomer comes in he and "angel" help change this all around and help everyone move on. Making them realize no matter how tough, tough, sad and hard life was. That was your life, you only get one and to try and replace or forget about it isn't giving it any substance and meaning to all the hard work and emotion you put into that live that you did live. They fought there hardest to try their best at their unfair lives and were true til the end. Where do they go after they are obliterated? Who truly knows but atleast they can move on knowing they have moved past their unfair lives and experienced lives as true high school students. This is a phenomenal film and many feels all around along with bits of comedy all throughout it. It's a must watch and a top film in ratings and popularity!! True friends find each other and help save lives even if they don't truly know the lives of the ones they save.
Angel beats is an amazing 13 episode short that's top notch. Guarantee you'll love it And even cry and tear up and laugh at points!! @Gladness
That sounds like a really poignant plot line; I will have to look this one up!