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If you own a cat, you can understand these struggles. (I own three Siamese cats, so my struggles are tripled.)
1. Trying to do work on a computer. I guess it's because they're attention seekers, but the minute you turn on a computer, they swoop in and walk on your keyboard and distract you with their cuteness.
2. Trying to do any kind of school work. They don't care if it's an important assignment that requires the utmost focus. When they want your attention, they're going to get it—one way or another.
3. Licking random things. I don't know if this is every cat, but my kitten loves to lick my bathroom mirror for some reason. It brings her joy, I suppose.
4. Knocking everything off of everything. The moment I organize my desk, dresser, or nightstand, one of them jumps up and knocks everything off. Why? Because they're either bored, want attention, or just because they can. If you hear something fall, it was the cat.
5. Things go missing. Cats can sometimes be kleptomaniacs. They see something they like (ex. a toothbrush, a turtle plushie, earrings), and they drag it off somewhere you can almost never find it. If you lose something, the cat probably took it. If you catch them in the act, you might be able to save your stuff.
6. Laughing at their curious stupidity. Their curiosity must get the better of them most of the time. You could leave them for one minute, and they get into trouble. Finding my cats trapped inside boxes and plastic bags is a usual, everyday occurrence.
(Two of my cats) 7. Loving when they choose to cuddle and nap with you. At the end of the day, their shenanigans just make life less boring. You love them with all your heart, and you can never stay mad at them for long—they're just TOO CUTE.
@funkytown411 @RobynHope THEY ARE TOTALLY A THING! You pay for a drink and then can spend the whole day there playing with cats hahahaha
Ahaha that's awesome
Whoa cat cafes for reall my Lola would be awesome she's very loving lol you know how most cats are territorial well she just wants friends Ahaha even dogs.
@RobynHope ME TOO. Well, not your cats, I love MY cats. But I'm sure yours are cute and lovable 😽
soo true I love my cats!!!
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