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{JJ} Attack on Titan Season 2

Being one of the most popular and hyped anime within this decade that has had a such a huge impact on not only the anime community and industry, but also to the industry of all conventional media as well, Attack on Titan created a massive storm thanks to its original and grim story, brave and human characters, horrifying and experimental art-style coupled along with dramatic and bombastic musical scores supplied by Hiroyuki Sawano (the legend himself). 25 episodes were swallowed by viewers just as easily as titans swallowed humans! XD And once we were done, we were left with a cliff-hanger, and one of the most open endings in anime-history as whatever lied in the future of its story, you would either have had to read the very slow manga (one chapter per month) or bid to waiting for the upcoming season two... Well, nakamas...

You probably already knew that by now.

It's 2016...

And we did our waiting! XD

The Season 2 of Attack on Titan is set and has been publically announced to be aired this very year in japanese television.

Although the specific date is still unconfirmed, reports and "most-likely"s have stated around either as early as February (very unlikely) or for the anime-fall season of 2016 (much more plausible). Either way, be careful for which report and news-outlet you might read to find a date, as many also state that the anime-adaptation will slightly deviate from the story illustrated in the manga and some of these reports even include spoilers (for no goddamn reason XD)!
What I can tell you, as a reader of the Attack on Titan manga...

It's gonna be freaking good XD

BTW, the pic ain't a spoiler for those who've seen the anime, so no worries XD

Who is hyped!?

Who is ready for action!?

Who is ready for blood!?

Who is ready for adrenaline!?

And much much more!!! XD

Pick up your blades, sharpen you senses, let the heart pump with great intensity, be not afraid of the titans and look Death right in the eye...

Let's slay some titans

Tagging the Mod-Q1-2016 Squad! ATTENTION!!! XD

This Card is a part of the "Jump Ahead January", a Vingle-wide event that focuses on the future of 2016 and what it contains. For more details on the Japanese Anime Community's {JJ}, check it out here!

@MadLikeHatter source please :) Tumblr doesn't count ;)
@ChosenKnight well, there are numerous reports, as I said. One as early as February while the majority points out at the Fall. April is still a very likely possibility, my friend, don't lose hope! :D
Yeah! Can't wait to be an emotional wreak again!! 馃槉
its about time
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