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Hello all my name is Erika Yvette Molina I'm 22 living in California I'm 1of 5 kids, second oldest.
I am a cake decorator that is my work and I love it! I love art and music and have been listening to kpop since 2010. I've never considered myself a fan girl I'm not one to get super excited about "famous" people I've seen my fair share of american celebrities I always like to consider any kind of celebrity as a normal person.
the first group I followed since before their debut was GOT7 and they are still my babies! I'm always torn between Jackson and JB BTS was the group I wish I had started following earlier on but I have no regrets they came into my life when I needed them the most! I have always loved jimin's smile and when he likes to act like a macho guy he has always been my original bias but I'm sure everyone knows that all of bts are bias wreakers cause they are that amazing!
thanks for reading! Bye! (>^.^)>
hi, Erika!!! nice to meet you :-) we have the same Got7 biases hahaha
@seouls nice to know I'm not the only one with this dilemma