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Wassup, Newsies! I hope you are all doing well and in great spirits! I come to you this morning to announce a Vingle wide event that we are calling Jump Ahead January [JJ].


or [JJ] or {JJ} Whatever you want!!
First of all, the event will be running from 1/17 - 1/22 across a bunch of the communities on Vingle. You're going to see a lot of this. :D
Second, this is kind of like our special little way to help January become one of the cool kids, you know?? See, February gets to celebrate all the lovey dovey-ness of Valentine's Day and March gets to kick Basketball arse with March Madness and Saint Patrick's Day. April gets Easter and Springtime... well you get the idea. But here's poor January, in the corner, kicking clumps of dirt, listening to everyone else have fun. So we decided, let's help January find its own identity already!!
So we're going to do that by spending the next week celebrating all of the things that are yet to come in 2016. In the Anime Community, they are celebrating the amazing new releases that are yet to come of the next twelve months, such as new Attack on Titan and D. Gray Man!! Over in the Marvel Community, they'll surely be talking about the new Marvel movies and tv shows coming out this year, and man do they have a great selection: Deadpool; Captain America: Civil War; and *squeeeee* AGENT CARTER!! (Just a few more days Now!!!) The Funny Community will be focusing on the release of new funny tv shows and movies. ARCHER!! Wooooo! 🍻🎉 The K-pop and K-drama Communities have chosen to call their event the Sweet 16 and will be focusing on the new album drops, drama and movie releases, and will be having fun playing around with fantasy predictions in the romance department. SO MUCH FANGIRLING NEEDED, SO LITTLE TIME...
Here in the News community, it isn't always as easy to make predictions for an entire year. Sure there are some events that we know for sure are definitely happening: the 2016 US Presidential Elections, the ongoing war on terrorism, and, my personal favorite, the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro!! Those are just some of the big events. There are also some really cool things happening in the world of technology, science, politics, celebrities, and so much more!

So what do you do?!

Simple! Just write cards about what you're most excited about in 2016!! Tag your cards with Jump Ahead January or [JJ] in the title and I'll clip them all into one big collection! EXAMPLE: Excited about the 2016 US election? Write a card about it! Title it: Presidential Election 2016 [JJ] Then tell us all about your predictions and expectations. And listen - no one said it has to be realistic, yo. Have fun. Get a little stress off! Let's hear those dreams for 2016!!

Just share what you're excited for in 2016!!!

If you need any help along the way, please feel free to ask me - @ButterflyBlu - or my support staff @nicolejb and @InPlainSight - any questions that you might have. Remember to put [JJ] in the title and we'll see you when this all kicks off tomorrow! ^_^
YAYYYY Lmao, Stacey, this was so cute. <3 I'm so excited. I need to brainstorm what I want my first card to beeee.
@nicolejb hahah I guess I'll be busy writing cards ^^
@RaquelArredondo you are the best <3 @atmi if you need any ideas or thoughts, let me know! :D
I will try. but there is nothing on my mind yet..haha
@butterflyblu Jump around, jump around, jump up, jump up and get down.... for Jump ahead January. Woooooo!
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