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I'm making this in response to @paulisadroid original request. We all have had countless of these moments. Vicotry and defeat, wins and losses, happiness and sadness. You don't really think about these things being constant, but if you thought about it, I would be that nearly every experience any of us have had gaming could probably fit into a significantly salty or sweet category. I've narrowed it down to just two defining ones after thinking on it a few days. As I said though, we have so many defining experiences like this.
Both of my selections are interesting in that the first is the more salty experience and the second more sweet, however, they are also the opposite. Both experiences are both salty and sweet. I'll explain.
Earth Defense Force 2017. ugh this game. a buddy and mine back in high school got a hold of this game somehow. (it was probably in the cheap bin and I got it not knowing) We started playing it one weekend night he was staying over. If you've ever played it, you know it's a pretty all around shit game. Piss-poor graphics, music that sounds like a 6th grade band produced it, controls that are clunky and unresponsive at best, and a story that is straight out a bad 50's sci-fi flick. We realized it sucked in all of about 5 minutes. But we were completionists to a fault back then, so we decided fuck it, let's beat it and never go back. so we stayed up all night and finished about 7 hours later. So we beat it, which was sweet, but it was a shit game and we only did it so we never had to play it again. That's pretty salty if you ask me. And oh yeah, we never ever played it again.
THE END OF MASS EFFECT So this is a most interesting moment in my personal gaming history. I got ME3 at the midnight release, but I didn't play it for over a year and a half. I was obsessed with creating my perfect version of Shepard. with all the choices I loved the most, all the right yes's and no's, all the right lovers, all the right developments. I'm also, bad at finishing things I love. There is an adamant resistance in me against the end of stories and characters I'm enamored with. Also the internet only had bad things to say about the doing of ME3. I stayed far away from anything that looked like a spoiler for all that time, only getting tid bits about its terrible Ness. When I finally beat it, I got the synthesis ending(the best in my opinion) and with the extending release Bioware did I actually enjoyed it. Oh the whole experience was beautiful. Mass Effect is my favorite game series of all time, and I wasn't dissappointed like everyone else seemed to be. it was the sweetest game play experience ever, to know I finished the ultimate story and fear in me. It was salty though, at the same time because I felt like my life was over..
SIDEBAR: THE CITADEL DLC I fricken loved the Citadel DLC. Seeing all my favourite characters in those personal and entertaining situations was just fantastic. SWEEEEET as sugar.
So those were some highlights of some of my personal gaming moments. Thanks again to our video game moderator for posing the interesting topic and getting us involved!
@TurtleyTurtles that's the thing. I think it was one of the first. if not the first game that made me all feely haha
I didn't play the Mass Effect games, but they are arguably some of the best games out there. I watched my boyfriend play through 2 and 3, and they were amazing. The story will get you right in the feels.
EDF is awesome not because of its graphics or gameplay but because you're shooting giant ants with a giant gun. What could be better than that?
Mass Effect is awesome @raquelArredondo but don't ask about the ending to 3.. I'm still pissed lol
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