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There's Now a Masturbation Booth in NYC Made for Men to Relieve Stress During the Workday....
A sex toy company made this booth available on 28th street and 5th Avenue. They call it "Guy Fi". The company simply put a cloth over a phone booth in what amounted to a marketing gimmick. Inside was a chair and a laptop.
The name of the company who created this "Hot Octopuss" decided to create this both so it can take that behavior out of the work place. They conducted a poll stating that 39% engage in this particular at their work place. Again, Yes this is a thing... Now men and women would you use such a booth to relieve stress from your work day?

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pardon my french, but what the actual fuck are they thinking? I ldk whether to laugh or throw my phone lmao
When I was working at Starbucks, we had to call the cops when some transient fellow~ was doing it while sitting on one of our patio chairs. Insert puke sounds here.
@danidee the train platform is a trip too. I had a guy doing it next to me and the only reason I knew was he made this sound ewwwww Wtf
@shannonl5 Apparently the subway provides a romantic atmosphere lol.
And then we see an outbreak of herpes on peoples hands in NYC. making public transportation all the more unsanitary. . .
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