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The best cosplay costumes from Comic-Con 2015
Part of what makes Comic-Con so much fun is the awesome and creative cosplay costumes. I have no idea how some of the fans come up with the ideas for their costumes, but they look absolutely amazing. Here are some of my favorite cosplay costumes from Comic-Con 2015 in San Diego. This is my absolute favorite cosplay costume from the event. Chewie's Angels are reading to protect the event from evil forces. The three Wookiees strike the iconic Charlie's Angels pose. Meet the Clown Prince of Crime, a twist of the Joker from the upcoming Suicide Squad. Look at that death stare! Who said there is just one Black Widow? Three Black Widows take on the Silver Surfer in Avengers cosplay. I'm pretty sure the Silver Surfer doesn't have a chance. Some of the best costumes combine some of the best characters from movies into unique hybrid characters. These two mix Deadpool and Disney villains from Aladdin and Sleeping Beauty. Here is another combination of movies. Frozen takes a trip on the wild side with some Mad Max infusion. Comic-Con is a family event. A family dresses up as characters from Mad Max, including some adorable War Boys. Darth Vader seems to have a girly side and prefer a pink princess gown and crown to a black outfit and cape. I hope these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles had some help to eat and go to the bathroom. Those costumes do not look too conducive to eating or using the bathroom, but they sure look amazing. I spy a human somewhere in this Transformers costume. A fan dresses up as Bumblebee from the popular Transformers movies. Which costume is your favorite?