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I saw this on @baileykayleen card so I thought why the hell not.
My next door neighbours are Zico (yes!), what looks to be JYJ's Junsu or Jaejoong (I dont know) and another guy who i dont recognise.
Brother - B1A4's Sandeul! Hell Yeah! He would be such an amazing brother!! he would cheer me up when im sad with his silliness and protect me like a brother would.
Best friend 1 - Seunghoon from Winner! again yay! He is such a goofy guy and would be awesome as a best friend!
Best friend 2 - Chanyeol!! The Happy Virus!!!!! It would be fun to have the happy virus as my best friend!
Frenemy - Junhoe from IKON. Nooooo I love Junhoe!
Secretly in love with you - Well well Kim Jongdae. Hellooo there ;)
I... I... I dated Woozi... well that would be awkward... Im taller than him and it would be a bit awkward :p
Hell Yeah!!! One of my bias from Beast is my husband! Im happy with that!
Wow... Kikwang... do you mind. Im married to one of the members from your group and you are trying to steal me... Noooo ):
I got DuJun for my husband in that. I was in shock haha
@baileykayleen I knew it was someone from Beast but I couldn't think who. I hope Junhyung forgives me. yeah I kind of wondered how and why they were all together
@beckiboop1996 haha your life is filled with Beast though so that's amazing. I'm sure Junhyung will forgive you, the picture is blurry and far away! They did an interview about idols who compose and write their own songs, hence the rather random collection of guys there lol.
@baileykayleen are you kidding me? THATS JUNHYUNG?? HOW DID I NOT NOTICE MY OTHER BIAS OF BEAST??? I fail at life. And I dont know JYJ or TVXQ very well so it was a guess.
All of your results make perfect sense! Love your commentary! Also in the first picture, you got Zico, and Jaejoong, and the third guy is Junhyung from Beast :)