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I'm all caught up with my drama and I officially know who the husband is. I cried tears of pain and sadness so much throughout this drama that my friends and family think I am crazy. And I officially think I was way too absorbed in this drama but I regret absolutely nothing.
At first it was, which one of these three will she marry.
Because, let's be honest, no one really thought that she would marry Dong Ryul (at least I didn't). They were too much a like for that to happen and her husband seemed to be on the opposite spectrum of Dong Ryong's personality.
Then it was like which one of these two is she going to marry. But that fell through once Sun Woo expressed his feelings for Bo Ro unnie. Of course that whole situation was funny and embarrassing to say the least but I was slightly glad that it left space for Jung Hwan to be the option.
Then it got serious when it was between Taek and my personal favorite Jung Hwan.
To be honest I didn't have anything against Taek being Deok Sun's husband it's just that Kim Joo Hyuk is a really great actor and embodied both of their personalities very well. It also didn't help that both Taek and Jung Hwan's personalities were similar and their approach to love (very awkward and rough) were similar as well.
Honestly though, who didn't love scenes like these?
But now that the series is over it is very obvious that this is the pairing that the producers and writers were aiming at.
From beginning to end this is what I felt throughout the drama. Give or take a few extra crying scenes. The last scene is my pure frustration embodied by my favorite actor Gong Yoo (my spirit animal)
On a happy note, here is my spirit animal from this drama and the reason I showed this drama a varied amount of emotions. This is the reason I cried tears of joy and sadness. This is the reason I stuck with this drama (also I wanted to see who the husband was). This is the reason I was so happy or frustrated throughout the series (not really) and also the reason everything was clarified. This is my spirit animal and favorite character.
I accidentally read a spoiler so I knew who she ended up with but I didn't want to fully accept it until I watched it myself. I was completely #teamtaek at the beginning but junghwan wormed his way into my heart and made me want him to be with her too. After finding out who the husband was I rewatched junghwan's confession scene in episode 18 and it totally makes sense to me now. The episode was called goodbye first love (or something like that) and he confessed to her with the ring but in the end he left the ring on the table, which in my opinion symbolizes how he's letting go of his feelings for her. Ugh. My heart hurts just thinking about it. sorry for the long comment
Lol @Kamiamon thank you
@stevieq you're an addict
@JustinaNguyen I feel the same way......I was totally #teamJunghwan but then Taekie wormed his way into my heart and I saw how they both loved her. at the beginning of the episode I wasn't sure who would be saying goodbye to their first love out of the 4 guys but then when Junghwan made his confession and totally made it look like a joke my heart broke for him and I felt tortured since Junghwan and Taek kept stalling on confessing to her bc they knew about each others feelings. ughhhhhh it just breaks my heart
@JustinaNguyen 😂😭😭😭
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