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Hello everyone in the Fairy Tail community! This is an announcement about the Jump Ahead January event that will be taking place next week!
Basically we'll be looking forward in 2016 and discuss what we thinks going to happen in Fairy Tail! Lots of communities will be participating in this including Japanese Anime so check them out! We'll just be having a Fairy Tail exclusive discussion here ;)
I'll post cards every day next week with a prompt for us and what you're job will be is to make cards with your answers on them! I want everyone who makes a card to tag all their friends and try to get some more participation! I want the Fairy Tail community to be as lively as possible so try to get more people to join!
You can check out @InVinsybll for his card in the Japanese Anime community he might explain things better (x Thanks for reading this and have a great day! Ja ne