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I was nominated by @4dalientae rules are - 1. go to gif folder 2. use every 3rd one 3. no skipping! I don't feel like tagging anyone so if you want to do this then go ahead :)
Your parent's reaction when you were born ---- okay then? XD
How you felt on the first day of school ---- not really like that lol
Your reaction when you learned how to ride a bike ---- ?????
Your reaction to getting a birthday present from your best friend ---- no homo bro
How you felt when you got your first crush ---- this one actually makes sense XD
How your crush felt when you told them ---- stressed out? probably lol
Your reaction to your parents sitting you down to have "the talk" ---- oh gross...
How you felt waiting on your exam results ---- nervous nervous..
Your reaction to failing an exam ---- I guess
Your reaction to passing an exam
Your reaction to having a crush on your professor ---- alrighty
Your reaction to graduating ---- with squad
Your reaction to finding a good job ---- well I'm excited..
The rest of your life ---- awwww bby
squad XD
OMG XD XD @staceyholley
Ok but why does that moose remind me of Jungkook???