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Greetings everyone! It's January time for New Years resolutions!

If you haven't seen it our great staff in the anime community, @tbell2 @VoidX @hikaymm @Danse @InVinsybll and myself, have come up with a fun new event for all of Vingle! So if you're not into Anime that's ok you can do this for any community you so choose. Check out Vin's original card: here! For all the details! I'll wind up getting to the other communities at some point but for now I'll stick with anime. I don't usually follow what's coming out during the year unless its something big (a couple are on this list) so this is my list of the anime I plan to watch regardless of what year they came out!

Ghost In The Shell!

Do you love Ghost in the Shell? So do a lot of people. This seems to be one of those animes that none anime fans love. Great action, animation and a thrilling sci-fi story it's hard not to love it. Why have I not seen it? Great question; truth is I don't know. I planed to watch it last year but then I got caught up with some other animes. I've been dedicating months to themes of animes recently and one theme this year (haven't decided on the month yet) is going to be Ghost in the Shell!

Dragon Ball Super!

It's no secret that I love DBZ! With the intense action, crazy enemies and killer storylines, it truly is one of (if not the) best animes. When I found out last year that a new series was coming out I was stocked! When Dragon Ball Super came out I was a kid again; all my heroes are back fight new (and the same) enemies. DBS has been good so far following the movies, Battle of the Gods and Resurrection of F. As we come to 2016 things are getting interesting as the new Frieza saga is coming to a close. With new baddies on the horizon it's going to be fun to see where Goku and company go next!

One Piece!

If Dragonball Z is my old love On Piece is my new! I love this anime with its crazy characters, compelling storylines and it's sense of adventure, One Piece is something to behold. Mid 2014 I started watching this and continue to try to catch up. I haven't made it to the New World yet (said to be the half way point of the series) but I'm going to keep moving along. 2016 looks promising for me as I get to continue my adventures with the Straw Hat Crew!

Space Dandy and Prison School!

Now on to something a little more lewd. Big hits in 2015 Space Dandy and Prison School are a little more on the humor side of anime. They both look so crazy and fun and I'm all about the lewd humor. If they're anything like they look then I'm in for a treat in 2016!

Attack On Titan and D-Gray Man!

This is where I was going to put my most anticipated anime this year but there's not one to choose. There's two! Attack On Titan and D-Gray Man are both returning in 2016! I couldn't be any more excited about this! If you haven't seen either of these animes stop reading this and go watch them. High intense action, great characters and stunning animation with a great story. Which of these 2 animes am I talking about? Both of them! They are both so brilliant and I am so pumped for their return! Attack on Titan comes out close to my birthday so that's cool!
Do you like my list? What animes are you excited for in 2016? Let me know in the comments! While you're at it make your own card and tell all the communities what you're most excited for in 2016 (Video Games, movies, comics ect.) Thanks for reading everyone and have a great day! Better believe I'm tagging all my Nakama (and then some) @DaiGakuSei @MadAndrea @Kirik @ThatPerson512 @KaylanMadoori @BlackDragon88 @CreeTheOtaku @Shannonl5 @danidee @MaighdlinS @Arnelli @paulisadroid @LAVONYORK @MichaelCochran @AsilaYoung @ErikFrausto @brnsime69 @MissAguria @gildas @IRISHVIXONVah @f8lessdawg @just4cheeky @NathanielMoanan @tianaday2002 @DaequanLewis @crimsonsasuke @NyghtOwl @RobertWhite @EstefanOlivares @jjbosy @Furutsu @TroyxAkashi @AidenMalinowski @MorghanPorter @rpat1500 @AloraGrimm @axel47982 @Reaperg15 @MahoganyArnold @KarkittyOtaku @MTEverest @XavierLopez @RileyHarrison @ziggyb113 @KenonWilliams @KillerJuggalo38 @raditorchillit @ALEXCAMACHO @JeremyGilmore @TheAnimeGod @DEZZYanFRIENDZ @samihudson @CourtneyDoose @Dlopez031113 @JamalWallace @noWaifuNoLaifu @SydneyKindberg @HiwaRasul @deathkittenz97 @JazziJay @jacobhathaway @BND737 @natsudragneel03 @Lunawolf129 @yaminoyuki @Animaniafreak @ChrisSantiago @AimeeH @yaakattackk @BluBear07 @RainaC3 @JeremyGilmore @KaseySmith @shannonl5 @Jason41 @TerrecaRiley @Emmi @JasonNilsson @HeatherWright @JacobHaynie @BittyBerrie @lillychris224 @ButterflyBlu @xxwriter389xx @KingDragnee191 @SethOwens @MeaganSeeliger @ColbyRecord @JasmineWilliams @JacobWilson @jayky009 @JanaeSelph @Perpetua77 @ALEXCAMACHO @inuyashakh12 @GrowingArt @MissB82
@Danse Space Dandy was an awesome anime I loved it. But I am sincerely looking forward to the second season of Attack on Titan and the new D Gray Man
I'm just so excited for this year, so much Anime to watch, and they are only getting better!
I'm excited for the new dub of Lupin the Third... this series is so fun and Lex Lang will be Goemon!!!!! *squee!*
I'm excited for attack on titan
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