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So tonight tickets for Exo's concert at NJ'S prudential center go on sale. My dad's already taken off work for the 3 hour drive from MD. I was originally bringing my friend Logan but she switched jobs and can't get time off.. I'm really nervous about being there alone. I mean, I know I won't /really/ be alone, surrounded by all the EXO-Ls but you know what I mean. I'd like to meet some of you guys there! Also, what tickets do you plan on buying? I'm going for the ground area. UPDATE! So I wasn't able to get the ground level (damn yall are fast) But I got the lower level seats. They were a bit pricey [$250 with fees included] but I'm super excited! I plan on buying a new light stick and maybe a shirt to wear there.
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I'm sure you will have fun even if you are there by yourself! Good luck with buying your ticket(s)!
@AbbyRamey I know! I'm freaking out because I'll be working when they go on sale! I'll be hiding in the bathroom trying to buy tickets.
I'm trying to get tickets for Chicago but I'm so nervous because they'll sell out in seconds!! :"(
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