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THIS IS PT. 1! (Baek's POV) Ahhh! First day of senior year! This year will be so fun! I throw my hands up in the air and wave them around while I run up to my group of friends. We aren't really popular, in fact, I'm the dorkiest boy on this planet. "AH!" I scream excitedly when I see my longtime crush walking with her friends. "Hi ____!" I yell at her happily. Omo why did I do that?! I've never talked to her before! "Oh hi Baekhyun-ssi." She says back, smiling with her adorable eye smile. S-she knows my name?! When they walk away, I scream loudly and start dancing around. "Wahhhh!!!! She knows my name!!!" I screech, waving my arms around again. I squish my friend's, Kyungsoo's, cheeks so he has puckered lips and I smile really big. "Kyungsoo! She. Knows. My. Name!!" I exclaim in his face, my hands still attached to his squishy face. The only problem is...._____ is the most popular girl in school. I'm definitely NOT popular. It all started in 9th grade when I transferred schools and I was trying to find my classroom. I saw her when I walked into a random classroom. She was sitting all alone, reading a book. She looked so angelic sitting there, I wanted to talk to her. I remember her looking up and I got so scared that I ran off and accidentally ran into a wall. I saw her coming after me with a shocked and worried expression on her face but I panicked again and ran away, not knowing where I was going. - I walk into the classroom, pouting, because none of my friends have the same classes as me. I sulk all the way to a desk by the door and sit down, laying my head on my arms, waiting for class to start. She walks in the class and I sit up immediately. SHE HAS A CLASS WITH ME?! OMO! I watch her every move as she sits exactly to the right of me. Ok Baek..control your,, out...AND DON'T DO ANYTHING STUPID! "Hi.." I squeak out in a higher pitched tone. I quickly clear my throat and look at her. She looks so pretty with her little navy blue bow and her stylish side-braid. She smells like sweet vanilla too. Can this girl get anymore perfect? She doesn't have much makeup on but she still outshines every girl in this room with her outstanding beauty. Heck! She outshines every girl in this whole country! She has a cute mouth, her lips look soft and her nose is adorable. And her eyes. Man her eyes. They are breathtakingly beautiful. Seeing them this close is even better! I see a hand wave in front of my face and I blink a few times,'s ____! I quickly try to regain composure and I take a deep breath. Hopefully she didn't notice though. "Y-yes?" I ask, stuttering a little. "You said hi so I said hi back and you just stared at were in your own little world...silly.." She explains and laughs with her perfect smile and her adorable giggle. I laugh awkwardly and the teacher walks in so she turns forward. I try to keep cool but I can't so I end up flailing my arms around in excitement because my heart is beating 245 miles per second, pencil flies out of my hand and hits our teacher on the head. I flinch and quickly throw my hands down, putting them on my lap as my teacher glares at me. "Mr. Byun...detention on the first day?! Wow. Off to a great start!" He yells, obviously angry. "Mianhe..sunbaenim..." I mumble and sink down in my chair. I glance to ____ and she is quietly snickering to herself. My mood lightens a little at the sight but my heart drops again at the thought of detention. "Yah! _____! You think it's so funny? You can join him!" Sunbaenim yells at her. She stops laughing and looks at her desk. The teacher turns back around to the blackboard and starts teaching again. - Detention - (Your POV) My parents are going to kill me! I sigh, close my locker, and start heading to the detention room. When I approach the room, I hear Baekhyun-ssi talking to himself so I stop and listen. "Aigoo..pabo pabo pabo! She probably hates me now! Why'd I have to lose control and have the pencil accidently hit the teacher...pabo.." He whispers. I contain my laughter as I walk into the detention room. Maybe detention won't be so know since someone as cute as Baekhyun is here with me. I've secretly had a crush on him since 9th grade. I was reading a book in my homeroom and no one was there yet and I noticed a figure standing at the doorway. I looked up and a boy ran out of the classroom. I followed him and I seen him run into a wall. I was naturally worried, but I wasn't really thinking straight because my heart was pounding inside my chest. He is intimidating because of his looks. I haven't told any of my friends about my crush because...they would pick on me nonstop if they knew. He isn't that popular but he's perfect to me...I just don't want all the boys that like me to beat him up because I like Baekhyun. He's so adorable and dorky..he has big, black glasses that are cute on him and he's always so lively and clumsy. That's what I like the most. "H-hello..." He says shyly, looking down. My heart flutters as I stare at his gorgeously sculptured face. Why does he have to be the only one who doesn't have a crush on me?! "What's wrong?" He asks quietly. "Uh..pardon?" I ask, confused. " just groaned..sorry for bothering you.." He comments even quieter. "Oh wasn't was just thinking about having to do chores when I get home.." I cover, flashing an awkward smile. "Ahh.." He nods in understanding. I sit down in the desk next to him and the detention sunbaenim walks in. She looks tired and sick. "I'm going to go home now..I'm sorry..I trust you kids because you are both well behaved so...have a good night.." She explains. "Goodbye sunbaenim..hope you feel better!" I say, trying to cheer her up. She gives Baek and I a tired smile and leaves. I look to Baekhyun quickly and smile happily. I'm so happy right now that I can be alone with him. This is my chance to get closer to him! Fighting! "You wanna do homework together?" I ask cheerfully. "Uhm yeah.." He says, his face turning a light shade of pink. I scoot my desk closer to his until they are touching. This way...I can be super close to him! I breathe in slightly and catch a whiff of his cologne. I can tell he is breathing strangely. I too close? "Are you okay? Am I too close?" I ramble but he just shakes his head. "I'm alright.." He whispers shyly, his face turning a darker shade of pink. I grab his soft cheeks with my hands and snap his head to face me. I look at him straight in the eyes and he starts breathing even weirder. I lean in a little to inspect his red face...does he have a fever? He quickly squeezes his eyes shut and his face clenches up. I'm being weird aren't I? I'm such a pabo..I let go of his face and clear my throat. "Let's do our homework..shall we?" I ask shyly. I'm so embarrassed..I just want to hide from him now. He probably thinks I'm a freak! "Y-y-yeah.." He stumbles on his reply. - After Homework - "The answer would be-" He starts. "t=3/4" I interrupt. He chuckles and smiles and I smile back. I check my watch...5 o'clock p.m. It's been two hours already! Time to leave! I touch Baekhyun's arm and he flinches. I giggle and he laughs nervously. "It's time to leave.." I say, kind of disappointed because we have to stop being alone. I put my stuff in my bag and push my desk back, then I go to the door. I turn the handle and pull but it doesn't budge. I wiggle it a couple times but it still won't budge. I kick the door in frustration as I realize what is happening. Baekhyun comes over and looks at me. He tries to open the door but it won't open. "What happened?" He asks curiously. "I think we are locked in.." I say angrily, huffing and looking at the ground. How are we locked in?! Who is going to help us?!! (THIS STORY WAS WRITTEN BY ME PLZ DO NOT TAKE IT)
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