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Found this video and posted it for three reasons. 1. It's Rap Monster 2. It's BTS 3. I see so much dislike and hate thrown at him and for what? I've seen people go so far as to exclude him completely from BTS cards. My opinion and it's just mine, there is no BTS without RapMon and there is no RapMon without BTS. It's a package deal. So deal with it.
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It's not BTS without Rap Monster or if any of the members are missing for that matter.
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He's the leader! How can they do that to the leader?! You cannot exclude the leader!
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@KarlythePanda66 yeah that's what I said. not to mention the fact that his members LOVE him and I do too. but that person should know better
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I love Namjoon. Hes such an inspiration and so sweet! I hate that he gets so much hate though. What is wrong with people now a days
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Aaww! I love how they showed up to support him. And feed him lol. Why do people say Rapmon is ugly and want him gone? Personally he was the first one to catch my eye and he is very talented. I understand not everyone is going to be loved but they are still human. Clearly the ones with a bad attitude forgot what it means to have common courtesy.
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