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After I got off the plane I was escorted to a car with blacked out windows. I knew that I was on my way to BTS' dorm. One of the commanders was driving and trying to make small talk with me. "Y/N, how do you feel?" He asked me. I was startled by the question for some reason, maybe because I didn't know how to answer. I had mixed emotions about meeting them, excitement, fear, anxiousness, shyness, and other feelings I can't describe.
I simply answered, "I am excited to meet these people." He laughed and told me that when my colleague recommended me for the experiment, Dr. Simepex, mentioned that I'm a big fan of BTS. I didn't know how to respond, so I went back to sitting in silence recollecting memories that the facility's pills took away. After a very long time he finally stopped driving and stopped somewhere I couldn't see because of he blacked out windows. The commander got out and opened my door and helped me out and got my bag. In front of me was a nice building with maybe 7 floors, I can't tell because the sun is right behind the building. This must be where they live. The commander went to the door of the building and I followed him. He pressed a button on the front and told the person that we were here for work and then we were let in. We walked up a few flights of stairs and finally reached door with some numbers on it. This must be it since the commander pressed the call button to the door. He showed the camera the card to the camera and we were let in. When the door opened, there was a very handsome man standing in the doorway. The man gestured for me to enter with a smile. "So, you're our experiment for a few months?" He gave a sincere smile to me and shouted for everyone else to come out into the living room. Doors to different rooms opened and more handsome men emerged. There were now 7 men lined up in front of me, some confused and some looked surprised. The man who greeting me at the door told the others about the 6 month experiment. All of them looked at me at once, which made me really shy. "She's had almost every memory about you guys erased and will learn about you guys. Protect her at all costs, or all of you will suffer consequences from your company." Commander acted stern and looked at all of their eyes to make sure they understood. He saw their discomfort and smiled. "This has been planned out with the help of your company, so don't worry." The commander turned to me and smiled and told me not to be so stiff. He then walked out the door and shut it gently. The footsteps were fading away. I looked back at the boys who were still in shock of what had just happened. "If it's true that you've had most of your memory of us erased, what do you know?" I looked at the man who seemed the shortest. After looking at each of the men's faces I pointed to each person one by one. "Jin, the oldest and the mom of the group" I said pointing to the man who greeted me at the door. "Suga, or Min Yoongi, the one who sleeps all the time and has all the swag. J-Hope, Hoseok, very funny and nice. Jimin, the only thing I can remember about you is that you have no jams. I am so sorry!" I quickly bowed to him and continued naming them. "V, Taehyung, the weird 4d alien." He showed discomfort to that name and looked away. "V? Taehyung? Do you not like that name?" He quickly looked up and said that was it's fine. "Rap Monster, Namjoon, also brain monster since you're so smart and can speak fluently in English." Namjoon smiled at the compliment. "And finally, Jungkook, the golden maknae." The boys clapped and smiled. Namjoon came up to me and said, "You don't look completely Korean, but your Korean sounds good." He was right, I didn't look Korean that much. I have a few similarities to a Korean, but my hair is dark brown instead of black. My skin is also quite fair compared to them. My complexion isn't as good as it could be because of the facility. But I am partially Korean because my grandmother is Korean. She's the one that got me interested in Korean culture. "Oh, my grandmother is Korean. And I learned Korean from one of my colleagues. And at the facility, I learned Korean." When I mentioned the facility, they all had concerned faces. "That the place I was at to train to become your experiment. Please don't worry about how it was for me." Quickly after realizing that I hadn't told them my name, I bowed to them which caught them off guard. "I'm Y/N! It's an honor to be placed with you all!" I didn't come back up until they started talking to each other about what they were going to do with me. "Hey, we're gonna have to find a place for her to sleep and to keep her..." Rap monster, no, Namjoon, looked over at my tiny bag with only a few outfits and necessities. "...and her stuff. She can't sleep on the couch. Since she's our princess for now, she should have a room to herself." After a long debate about what would happen they decided that I would get the smallest room since it's only one person. Jungkook would move into Jimin, Taehyung, and Hoseok's room since it's the largest. Namjoon will move in with Jin and Yoongi. Their next discussion was what I would do while they were at practice and working and tours. I offered to clean and help with the home chores while they were out during the day. They thought that it would be fine for a short time until they could think of something better. The rest of the day with Bangtan was helping them move their stuff into their new rooms and helping reorganize. At first they thought I should sit and wait but I'm very helpful. Their heavy boxes of personal belongings weren't that bad. The facility training might have been good for something. At the end of the day, Jin made dinner for everyone. Around 11 o'clock, we all decided to go to sleep. I went to my new room that somewhat resembled the facility. Just a bed with sheets and a pillow, a closet, and a small desk. My bag and a few little pieces of furniture, like a chair and nightstand, were scattered around. My sleep schedule would be off since it morning at home, but I guess it's one more thing the facility did right. After changing into a different outfit that was crumpled in my bag I crawled into bed. I was surprisingly tired and fell asleep not long after my head hit the pillow. That night I dreamed of the boys and things I had forgotten.
This is my first fanfic so please enjoy! If you don't know what is happening, read the prologue here> !
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