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check out this link to watch some of some moments at the fan meet. Markson wearing Pink ..and BamBam is just a copycat hahaa.. love him anyway♡♡.

@KaiJae I think its a jackbam moment i cant read the description but I read Jackbam in between all of it lol
@luna1171 like I said I've never been to one back home. so I don't know how they do it there. But they were supper strong about it here for sure. but for the price I'm happy with the outcome for myself anyway.
oh wow.. it makes. no sense to me but I guess things are different there..ok.. thanks.. @Ticasensei
@luna1171 privacy rights as far as I know. but nothing else was said. they post it in the website poster, they said it in the big screen at the concert, and before beginning the concert the security was yelling it out every 5 minutes for incoming people. so whatever, it sucks... I don't know if it's that was in the u.s but also things are different here. it's supposed to be private and for your own enjoyment.
@Ticasensei ooh ok ok
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