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2nd part!! ( @yaya12 ) (Baek's POV) We're locked in?! My heart.. I don't think I'll be able to stay in a room with her for much longer or else my heart will explode. I run past her and start banging on the door. "YAH SOMEONE PLEASE LET US OUT!" I scream loudly. After like 5 minutes of banging and screaming, I feel a small hand on my weak bicep. "Please..stop.." She whispers. I groan and plop on the ground right in front of the door. She sits next to me. I nonchalantly scoot farther away from her so I don't do anything stupid. "I don't know what I'm going to do.." She says. I nod slightly, eyes glued to the floor. "Do you have a plan?" She asks quietly. I shake my head and she sighs. "Cat got your tongue?" She asks playfully, I can tell she's smiling slightly. I shrug and continue looking at the floor in front of me. She scoots closer to me and I scoot further away, knocking into a desk. I can see her furrow her eyebrows but she doesn't speak. - It's been like 15 minutes with horribly awkward silence. Is she even breathing anymore? Yah! Baekhyun, don't be stupid and look...keep your eyes on the floor! Aisssshhhh! Well..maybe a small peek won't hurt. I slowly look over to her without turning my head, it's hard because of my thick glasses but I manage. She's biting her on her lip and playing with her white shoelaces. Her eyes look at me from the side too and I frantically look back down to the floor. Aigoo stupid stupid stupid! She sighs loudly and stands up, walking to her bag and searching through it. Hm, what is she doing? She pulls out a diary-like notebook and a glittery pen. My eyebrows arch in curiousness and I slowly stand up, trying to sneak over to her. She is furiously writing things down in her notebook and I approach her from behind. I look over her shoulder silently and read what she's writing. 'It hurts a lot that he's avoiding me...what did I do wrong? It's not my fault that we are locked in! Does he really dislike me that much? heart hurts..I'm being too emotional and immature right now but it really hurts to think that Baekhyun oppa is mad at me..and that he dislikes me..' I lose my balance at the word oppa, no one has ever called me that before and coming from her...makes my heart explode, I topple to the ground with a loud sound. She whips her head around to see me, rapidly crawling out of fear to the corner of the room. What am I doing with my life? :/ "Did you perhaps see what I was writing?.." She asks quietly. I open my mouth to reply but no sound comes out. I'm literally such an idiot. I'm a senior in high school, startled by my crush and now I'm sitting in the corner of the room. I simply just nod in shame and embarrassment. "O-oh.." She whispers. "I don't dislike you.." I mumble shyly, my face getting hot. "O-oh?" She repeats in question. I look to her and we make eye contact but instead of breaking it...I continue to stare. My heart is beating like crazy and it feels like I'm suffocating. I should confess my feelings..right? I take a shallow breath. I'm so nervous. "Uh..____." I say awkwardly. "Yes?" She questions. "Uh..I-I" I confess stupidly. She blinks a couple times. "I just said that you don't dislike me..." She comments. I sigh deeply and ruffle my hair with both of my hands. "No I mean...I have feelings for you...since freshman year.." I explain. Her face turns pink. Aish..I shouldn't have confessed! I look down to my lap in disappointment. "Oh really..y? M-me too..." She utters. My head shoots up and my eyes grow wide. My face turns dark pink. "Y-you..what'd you just say?!" I shout. She smiles her little cute smile and walks towards me. I immediately stand up in disbelief that this is happening right now. "I. Like. You. Too." She says confidently. I start laughing out of happiness and I jump around while shouting. "Really?! You really mean it?!" I exclaim, grinning brightly. "Yes..I mean it.." She confirms. "100% sure?" I ask, smile stuck on my face. "Mmm no.." She mutters. A frown plasters on my face and I look at her in confusion. In an instant, I feel something warm and soft on my lips. My eyes widen and my heart starts pounding even faster than it was before if that's even humanly possible. I let myself be pulled into this kiss so my eyes flutter closed and I wrap my skinny arms around her perfect self. When she pulls back, both of our breaths are uneven because of the intimacy. I wrap my arms tighter around her body so there is no space between us. I confidently press my forehead against hers. My face is really burning. I smile and sigh happily. "I'm not 100% sure...I'm 200% sure." She whispers, nuzzling her head into my neck and kissing it softly. I sway us a little, like we are slow dancing and I kiss the side of her head. I have no idea where all of this newfound confidence came from..I didn't know I had it in me. "Will you be my girlfriend?" I ask softly, still dancing around at a gentle pace. "Of course Baekhyun..." She whispers. Finally..she's mine. Maybe...being a dorky guy isn't all that bad... (THIS IS MINE, I WROTE IT SO PLZ DON'T TAKE IT)
@UnnieCakesAli @Eliortiz13 I just saw your comments I'm so so sorry 😭 but thank you so much and of course!
ahh this was so cute!!!❀❀❀ I love it!!!πŸ‘πŸ‘ Thanks for tagging and me😊😊
when I saw 200% Akmu was going through my headπŸ’˜
thankss!! @PatriciaS
This was so cute!! And perfect!!!
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