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Your parent's reaction to you being born

they said I came into the world waving so this fits...

how you felt on your first day of school

I'm Kookie

your reaction when you learned how to ride a bike

I'm a genius

Your reaction to getting a birthday present from your best friend

so enthused

how you felt when you got your first crush


how your crush felt when you told them

no comment

Your reaction to your parents sitting you down to have "the talk"

not even paying attention

how you felt waiting for your exam results

everyone crowding around to find their score

your reaction to failing an exam

could have done better

your reaction to passing an exam

eat ramen to reward myself

your reaction to having a crush on your professor

*awkward smile*

your reaction to graduating

peace suckers

your reaction to finding a good job

my job is so much fun this is really how we act

the rest of your life

pumped up with BAP
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doing this when I get home!! :)