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ok so I know that I was supposed to post like a long time ago but I never so here it goes also @chelseajay tagged me to do this so here you go
1. how I met my bias K.will- pease don't I dont even know what to say
2.what was your first big fight about Susy & Baekhyun-dream I wonder the dream was about....
3. the song that kept you together BTS I need u (Japanese ver.) this kind of make sense
4.the song you walk down the aisle Aliee-hevean this might be a pretty good one to walk down
5. Describes your marriage love life Sister-shake it well....I have no words so I hope you guys enjoy this youtube thing cause i srue did.
also I do not own any of the picture so credit to the owner. I forgot to add that
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OMG the marriage one XD
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