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Niel is always making trouble for his band mates (kwang soo too) lol

up to no good

Niel clearly starts it *smh*

doesn't learn his lesson lol if you have seen this ep of running man you should it's pretty funny.

niel is asking to get beaten

shame on you for bullying your hyung

even though he looks like an innocent little kitten he is saying snarky comments and doing pranks kekeke we still love you Niel

xoxo angels

p.s TT comeback is tomorrow!! please show their new mv warning sign some love!!!!!

cr. owner of gifs
these are so funny XD
XD Niel is such a snot sometimes. Love it!
So naughty! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ
Lol me and Niel are so much alike