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so @Ligaya tagged me so enjoy~ also @BaileyKayleen told me she was going to help with names
1. next door neighbors this couple seems like I know who they are but I just can't think of them
2. new Brother well for me jk but Freak he cute like cute
3. best friend #1 I really wish he was my friend lol
4. best friend #2 *sobs* I really need to know your name
6. frenemy wait your cute so I dont want you to be my frenemy but yo k
7. secretly in love with me he kind of cute & looks manly
8. He Dated me yeah. SEOKJIN OR MOM JIN!!!
9. My Hasband yo k I'll take you, I won't complain
10. tries to seal yout heart oh no you don't, the one up there is my husband. but idk
so that was it & I had so much fun doing this challenge if want to play in this challenge then you can go on baileyKayleen which is up there
thank you. I never realized how much I missed on them well I had a big gaint brain fart
Next Door Neighbors: Tablo, a rapper in Epik High, and his wife Hye Jung, an actress, with their daughter Haru (who I'm pretty sure isn't the baby in the picture cause it was a whole mass photoshoot thing but I don't know the timeline of it so could be Haru idk) Brother: Hoshi from Seventeen! Dancer, choreographer, and cutie face! Best Friend 1: you know Suga probably lol. I wish he was my best friend too. Best Friend 2: Donghae from Super Junior! Frenemy: JaeHyo from Block B! Secretly In Love With You: Seungri from BIGBANG. He's the maknae and normally doesn't look that barefaced, the picture I chose he looks super normal which I love lol. Dated: You know Jinie! Husband: Jongup from BAP! He's so weird and beautiful. Probably be a great husband. Tries To Steal Your Heart: JB from Got7. Leader and one of the main vocals.