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(Do you get it? Cross Gene? "Play With Me"? No? Okay?)
Alright, so, I guessed the drama in @jenxchan's card because I've pretty much partially watched everything Park Shin Hye has appeared in.
@EmilioTrevino started the game and the rules are fairly simple: The first person to correctly guess what Korean drama it is that I am referring to gets to make the next card of the game. Ready?
Hint #1: It is a Romantic Comedy (and one of my favorite k-dramas of all time)!
Hint #2: The female lead character suffers from depression and is a huge fangirl.
Hint #3: It was postponed because the original male lead actor received an injury.
Hint #4: Scored really low in ratings and ended the show an episode early.
(Okay, this is a huge hint itself, right?)
Hint #5: The male lead started his military service in 2014 and is set to complete it this year (He's one of my favorite actors and I MISSED HIM SO MUCH, AHHH).
Hint #6: "But do you know why the words "I love you" are spoken so casually? Because it doesn't cost money." - Male Lead
Good luck! I think it's fairly easy to guess? Hopefully? I don't know, lol. Tagging everyone who's participated thus far and more Vinglers. :-) @JamiMilsap @jenxchan @Kamiamon @IMNII @biancadanica98 @luna1171 @krin @kpopandkimchi @EmilioTrevino @KaitlynHewitt @VeronicaArtino @joselynviveros @MalihaAhmed @DestinaByrd @KatieRussell @Marblue143 @KpopGaby @Tigerlily84 @VikaAlex
It WAS Me Too, Flower (IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCH IT ADD TO IT YOUR TO-DO LIST IT'S REALLY CUTE). The lead actor is Yoon Shi Yoon and he's one of my favorites. <3
oh my gaaaad.. this is so frustrating ..I know I seen all those scene and I can't remember what's the drama???!! this is what happens when you watch so many dramas. .lol
@krin Lol Thanks!!! Trust me you're nit dumb. I barely got this one! I almost said a whooole other thing 馃槀馃槀馃槀 This is the first one I actually got to in time (and said the answer anyway) haha
omg!! I don't think I've seen this. no. i know I haven't. they didn't even finish all the eps??
500k% sure I've NEVER seen this 馃槀馃槀馃槀 good job with this @Seouls
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