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It's been two years already?!?! Though I haven't been a fan all of those two years (because I didn't know kpop) I still Want to say how happy I am these boys have had such a good two years. I couldn't be more proud to call these guys my bias group. They are amazing and I hope they have a good day today. Got7, Though I can't be with you in person at the fan meeting I am with you in spirit. Today is just for you guys. ❤️ Thanks for being who you are.
To our derpy dorks whom we love, Happy 2 year anniversary from IGot7 ❤️
Thank you to our chic ,b-boy, grandpa leader Jaebum ❤️
Thank you to our Eomma actor Jinyoung ❤️
Thank you to our quiet,Visual, acrobat, aegyo King, Markie poo 😘
Thank you to our wang puppy, wild and sexy, vitamin, wang mandu, martial arts master, Jackson ❤️
Thank you to our Vocalist and ray of sunshine Youngjae ❤️
Thank you to our mature and sexy (forever adorable and squishy) magnaes Bambam and Yugyeom ❤️
So again happy anniversary to all our babies and I hope they can use today as a way to escape their worries for a little while and enjoy the love of their fans. We don't know what is going to happen if the future but we do know that whatever happens we IGot7 will be there for our boys every step of the way. I can't wait for the next two years ❤️