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They look so close in the photos that it seems hard to believe that Sunggyu once yelled at Hoya for being arrogant. What's the cause? Infinite had a unique way of determining seniority in the group instead of going the traditional age way. They used to decide who is the hyung and dongsaeng in the group based on popularity. When Hoya got very popular with "Reply 1997" and filmed a solo CF, he got very arrogant and took the hyung title for himself. Hoya said he even got yelled at by Sunggyu for acting like a big star. After that they discarded the system and went back to being all friends. As a fan, I'm glad this happened. Even though Sunggyu yelled at Hoya, the fact that Hoya could talk about it on the show meant that it was already resolved. They have a very strong bond, and this is nothing to break it. And since this was said in Weekly Idol, we probably shouldn't take it too serious either lol. They always joke around there. Anyway, I can see that Hoya is one that enjoys fame, and he can get cocky sometimes. It's good that there are other members in the group to remind him the need to be humble and keep trying (Hoya is my favorite member, btw). Fighting Infinite!!
I never knew about this - it's good to know they're so close~
@winterlovesong @dreamgirl that's the reason I love infinite! But they probably said this as a joke to make the show more interesting
@winterlovesong though I'm not really into i have to agree they are awesome. nice music too.
It's nice that they are honest to each other. Infinite is one of the nicest kpop groups for me